A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

And time goes on is a game for Weekly gamemjam 100

with the theme: 100

It is kinda of life simulator, but with only 3 endings because I ran out of time



Juggle the ball with E and Q and click on the thought bubbles to get points to an ending


Study To select your ending but don't forget to click E to make sure your mood doesn't go below 0


With this copy of the google dinosaur you jump over hole and sign and collect thoughts by jumping for them


Work for money, but don't over work, talk to your friends to rest and recover mood, And the thought will just be passing in the bottom of the screen.

Install instructions

Just download it and extract the winrar


And Time Goes On v1.0.zip 31 MB


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Funny game. I actually counted 7 different endings if you include the death endings, although I couldn't get get the teen to die (hmm that sounds bad...). Also that baby was a little creepy.

Got this error during the baby stage. I wasn't clicking on any clouds, and I missed a bunch of the balls. The ball/hand collision seems really iffy as well, I had to spam it to get the ball to go up.

Didn't realize it was space to jump in the teenager stage.

Liked the spritework!

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Okay I checked the code and I just putted obj_ instead of obj_death.

I'll uploud the fixed version

thank you for the feedback